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Tropicana 10X24 Denim Pattern Mix Blue Matte Tile


Introducing the Tropicana collection by Urban Coast Tile, where chic colors meet contemporary, playful patterns. This exquisite assortment features ten unique 10x24 ceramic tiles, designed to inspire creativity and bring a touch of the tropics to your space.

The collection includes four solid colors: Oliva Green, Neve White, Denim Blue, and Cenere Gray. Oliva Green is a lush, verdant hue that evokes the tranquility of nature, while Neve White is a crisp, clean shade that brightens and opens up any space. Denim Blue is a rich, deep blue that adds a touch of sophistication and calm, and Cenere Gray is a sleek, modern gray that provides a neutral backdrop with a touch of elegance.

Additionally, Tropicana offers four textured colors that add depth and visual interest: Oliva Trame Green, Neve Trame White, Denim Trame Blue, and Cenere Trame Gray. These textured variants bring a subtle yet dynamic look to the solid colors, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

The collection is completed with two distinctive decor tiles. The Denim Pattern tile coordinates seamlessly with the solid and textured blues, while the Tropical Flora Mural features a breathtaking tropical floral painted design. This mural forms a complete repeating pattern across ten pieces, creating a stunning feature wall that transports you to a lush, exotic paradise.

Crafted with a matte finish, the Tropicana collection offers a sophisticated, contemporary look that’s perfect for walls. With uniform shade variation, these Italian-made tiles provide a cohesive aesthetic while allowing for creative combinations. Whether you’re looking to create a serene, nature-inspired retreat with greens and whites, or a cool, calming space with blues and denim, Tropicana offers endless possibilities for personalization. Transform your walls into a tropical oasis with this versatile and stylish collection from Urban Coast Tile.

$112.86 per Sampleper box (16.146 SF)
$6.99per SF
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With 1 box you cover 16.146 sq. ft.

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