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Stately 8X8 Glam #5 Gray Wood and Marble Look Porcelain Tile - SAMPLES


The Stately Collection is an exquisite array of 8x8 patterned porcelain tiles that perfectly blend the timeless elegance of wood and marble looks. Crafted with precision and artistry in Italy, this collection features four distinct tiles: Elite #1, Elite #5, Glam #2, and Glam #5. Each tile embodies the rich heritage of encaustic designs, offering a decorative rectified porcelain solution with a sophisticated matte finish.

The Stately Collection features tiles crafted from decorative rectified porcelain, showcasing intricate encaustic patterns. The combination of wood and marble looks, coupled with substantial shade variation, creates a unique visual appeal. Made in Italy, these 8x8 inch tiles are designed for versatile use, suitable for walls, residential floors, and medium commercial floors. Each tile in this collection exemplifies the perfect fusion of classic materials and modern design, making it an ideal choice for enhancing any interior space.

The Glam tiles in the Stately Collection provide a modern twist on classic materials, artfully merging fine marble and wooden effects. These tiles are characterized by cool hues and dark colors, creating an enduring, timeless aesthetic marked by striking contrasts. The intricate designs of the Glam tiles offer limitless creative possibilities, making them an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary settings. Their flexibility and versatility ensure they can seamlessly integrate into various interior styles, while the decorative effects and combination options make them a unique addition to any space.

The Stately Collection is the epitome of decorative artistry, providing a sophisticated solution for those seeking to enhance their interiors with a touch of classic elegance and modern versatility. Each tile in this collection is a testament to the perfect fusion of materials and design, making it a standout choice for any discerning homeowner or designer.

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