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Pacific 2x18 Ivory Matte Subway Porcelain Tile

Introducing Pacific, an Urban Coast Tile collection that redefines contemporary design with its sleek 2x18 subway tile format. Crafted from matte porcelain, this collection boasts a spectrum of six captivating colors: White, Sky Blue, Ivory, Green, Charcoal, and Blue.

Each tile in the Pacific collection offers a canvas for reinventing spaces through the artful interplay of color and craftsmanship. With its brick format, Pacific invites you to embark on a journey of design innovation, offering a versatile palette to transform any environment into a modern masterpiece.

Whether employed in horizontal, vertical, or herringbone compositions, Pacific tiles infuse spaces with a dynamic energy, where color and geometry converge to create visually stunning and harmonious projects.

From the pristine purity of White and Ivory, evoking serenity and elegance, to the vibrant hues of Blue and Sky, radiating intensity and freshness, the Pacific range caters to a myriad of design sensibilities. For those drawn to the tranquil allure of nature, the Green option captures the verdant shades of the outdoors, while the Charcoal variant lends a touch of urban sophistication to any interior.

With Pacific, the possibilities are endless – explore, create, and redefine spaces with a collection that transcends boundaries and celebrates the fusion of artistry and functionality.

$80.89 per Sampleper box (7.36 SF)
$10.99per SF
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With 1 box you cover 7.36 sq. ft.

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Product details

  • Color


  • Size


  • Thickness

    9.5 mm

  • Finish


  • PEI Rating


  • Floor Residential


  • Floor Commercial


  • Wall

    Wet & Dry

  • Steam Shower


  • Pool


  • Frost Resistant


  • Shade Variation

    V2 - Slight

  • Material Type


  • DCOF (Greater than or Equal To)


  • Country of Origin


  • Prop 65