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Old City 2x10 Green Gloss Porcelain Subway Tile - SAMPLES

Old City by Urban Coast Tile is a captivating collection that pays homage to the timeless charm of turn-of-the-century subway tiles while infusing a modern twist. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Old City tiles offer a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary functionality.

Constructed from durable porcelain and adorned with a resilient glaze, Old City tiles are designed for versatility, making them suitable for both floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. This versatility ensures that these tiles can seamlessly integrate into any residential or commercial project, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space with their understated elegance.

With a range of contemporary colors to choose from, including Black Gloss, Blue Gloss, Green Gloss, Light Gray Gloss, White Gloss, and White Matte, Old City tiles add an upscale urban appeal to any environment. The brick-like design exudes a fashionable and bold aesthetic, making a striking statement wherever they are installed.

Available in a classic 2x10 brick or subway format, Old City tiles offer endless possibilities for creative expression. Whether used to adorn a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom wall, or an exterior facade, these tiles add character and sophistication to any setting, elevating the overall design scheme with their timeless charm and modern flair.

$2.00 per Sample

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