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Clearwater 4x4 Gray Gloss Ceramic Tile

Urban Coast Tile's Clearwater Collection beautifully merges coastal charm with timeless elegance. Crafted with precision and inspired by the soothing essence of the shoreline, these 4x4 gloss ceramic tiles bring a touch of the ocean to any interior space.

Made in Spain, the Clearwater Collection is available in three captivating multi-toned colors—white, gray, and a mesmerizing Berilo Blue reminiscent of the tranquil waters—the Clearwater Collection adds depth and character to walls with its hand-crafted aesthetic. Each tile boasts a unique blend of hues, with the blue variation evoking a serene blue-green tone accented by subtle hints of gray and beige, mirroring the natural beauty of coastal landscapes.

Constructed with a cement base and infused with traces of clay, these tiles exude quality craftsmanship and durability, ensuring lasting appeal in any setting. The chromatic spectrum of the Clearwater Collection is influenced by the myriad shades found in ocean waters, offering a refreshing palette that invigorates interior design.

Transform your space with the Coastal Collection's effortless charm and understated sophistication. Perfect for interior wall use, these tiles elevate any room with their coastal-inspired allure, making a statement that resonates with both modern elegance and timeless style. Embrace the essence of the coast with Urban Coast Tile's Clearwater Collection, where every tile tells a story of serene beauty and coastal tranquility.

$72.85 per Sampleper box (5.4 SF)
$13.49per SF
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With 1 box you cover 5.4 sq. ft.

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