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Cayo Beige 10x24 Matte Wall Tile - SAMPLES

Cayo is a coastal-inspired tile collection that brings the essence of serene Caribbean islands to your space. With a nod to the meaning of "Cayo" in Spanish - small, sandy islands in the Caribbean - this collection embodies the tranquility and natural beauty of coastal living.

Crafted in sleek 10x24 dimensions with a matte finish, Cayo tiles are perfect for adorning walls with a touch of coastal charm. Available in four soothing colors - Beige, Gray, Blue, and White - each tile evokes the peaceful hues of sunlit shores and azure waters.

Adding a touch of tropical whimsy, Cayo offers two unique decor tiles: Tropics Beige and Tropics Gray. These tiles feature an elegant imprint of palm tree leaves, infusing your space with the gentle sway of island breezes and the rustle of palm fronds.

Transform your interior into a tranquil retreat reminiscent of sun-kissed beaches and ocean horizons with the Cayo tile collection.

Cayo Beige 10x24 by Urban Coast Tile is a matte finish ceramic tile suitable for walls. It has uniform shade variation and is made in Italy.
$2.00 per Sample

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    Double Fired Ceramic * DOUBLE-FIRED CERAMIC refers to the two stage process that these tiles undergo. The first firing is of the body or bisque, and the second firing is done to apply the glaze. This process is used to achieve the rich and deep color tones unique to it.

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